Fashion on the Job-Visit This Site

In the past, people knew exactly what they were expected to wear to work. It appeared there was an unwritten dress code that everyone followed. However, thanks to a relaxing of the rules and things like Casual Friday, people are often confused as to what is considered appropriate office wear and what should be left at home. Following are some basic guidelines to help individuals ensure they are dressed properly for work.

Conservative is Always Best

If there is any question as to whether an outfit is right for work, don’t wear it. The office is not the place to wear a sheer dress or short skirt. Men should leave the sleeveless top at home also. While they are perfect for some fun with friends, they shouldn’t be worn during normal work hours. People often won’t take the wearer seriously when they are dressed in this manner.

Avoid Strong Aromas

Regardless of what clothing you are wearing, make certain you are wearing deodorant. Nobody wants to sit next to a sweaty, smelly coworker all day. Don’t overdo it on the perfume or aftershave either. Have some consideration for others in the workplace, as you never know who may be sensitive to strong smells. It’s best to use less while at work and add more for a night on the town.

Keep Jewelry Simple

The same is true when it comes to jewelry. Less is more in the workplace. Choose some pieces that are basic yet add to the outfit. If you wish to add more before leaving work because you are going out with friends, feel free to do so. However, don’t let any jewelry distract from the excellent work you do, which should be the focus in the workplace.

The best way to determine what is and is not appropriate for the workplace is to look at what others are wearing, especially those who are further up the ladder. There are exceptions to these guidelines, however. An individual working in a trendy clothing store geared to teens may overdo it on the jewelry, for instance. This is why looking to others may be of great help in determining appropriate work wear. For more information, visit this site. Nobody wants a fashion error to hold them back in their career, and this site can be of great help in choosing clothing for the workplace.